My name is Cass Palmer-Field and I am currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Law and Arts, majoring in Journalism.

I decided to study both law and journalism for the primary reason that I couldn’t decide on just one and I knew in both careers I would be provided with many opportunities in which I could help others.

I first heard of Project Safe Space through one of my tutors and I was interested right away.

It’s a course that appealed to me both as an aspiring lawyer and as a journalist.

Domestic violence is such a prevalent issue in our society and as a woman studying law, it is alarming how often I am hearing of cases in which women have been exposed to domestic violence.

To be able to participate in a course such as this enables students like myself to not only further our understanding of the law and legal issues surrounding domestic violence, but to also get firsthand experience in how domestic violence affects both men and women.

While I am only in my second year and many don’t participate in clinical courses such as this until later on in their degrees, I feel as if doing this training now will help shape the type of lawyer I want to be when I graduate and help me get the most out of my degree.

I hope in participating in Project Safe Space I can help make a difference to those who suffer at the hands of domestic violence.