Donated Nappies Helping Families in Need



The Nappy Collective is helping struggling mothers. Source: Flikr

Co-founder of The Nappy Collective Moran Dvir says nappy donations are making a world of difference to victims of domestic violence.

The Nappy Collective is an initiative founded by a group of Melbourne mums whose goal is to provide nappies to families in need.

Since the collective began in 2013, a total of 474,000 nappies have been donated, with a majority going to mother’s fleeing domestic violence.

Ms Dvir believes that the donation of nappies are one less thing mothers who have been victims of domestic violence need to worry about.

“Many of the women seeking refuge in the shelters are coming with nothing but their handbag and the clothes they are wearing,” Ms Dvir said.

“When they receive nappies for their babies it is something that is often very touching for them and really moving.”

The group believes all mothers across Australia should have access to this basic baby essential, especially in times of need.

“Even though we never see the women that we support, the fact that they know there are people in the community who are rallying behind them in this way is really powerful for them,” Ms Dvir said.

The Nappy Collective is running from the 16th to the 30th of October with 25 collection points across Brisbane.

For the full list of collection points click here.

This story originally appeared on The Source News and is republished here with permission.