DV Connect

DV Connect

DVConnect is the only state-wide telephone service offering anyone affected by domestic or family violence a free crisis hotline, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

DV Connect offers free, professional and non-judgemental telephone support for people living in Queensland.

DV Connect Womensline takes more than 4000 calls every month from women in Queensland who are in fear of, or in immediate threat of danger from, domestic or family violence. On average, DV Connect assists more than 350 women and often more than 400 children to be moved to safety every month.

DV Connect can arrange practical assistance such as counselling, intervention, transport and emergency accommodation for Queensland women and children who are in danger from a violent partner or family member

“DVConnect works tirelessly to help women and children involved in domestic and family violence – but we believe this is a whole of community concern!”

In addition, and with help from the RSPCA Qld, DV Connect also assists up to 20 pets get to safety each month.

DV Connect’s Sexual Assault Helpline offers telephone support and counselling to women, men and young people who have been sexually assaulted or abused, providing a sensitive, non–judgmental service. DV Connect can also provide information about how to contact local services, such as specialist counselling centres and health clinics. The Sexual Assault helpline also assists professionals and workers in the community who are supporting survivors of sexual assault.

DVConnect also helps around 350 men each month with guidance via their Mensline service.

Importantly, Mensline offers specialist assistance for men who are seeking help and looking for ways to address their own use of violence and other destructive patterns in their personal lives and relationships, as well as those who may be (or have been) victims of violence themselves. Mensline also receives calls from family members, parents and friends seeking information about issues of domestic or family violence.



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