If you are in immediate danger, call 000. You can also call the police on 131 444 to report a crime after its happened.

Legal Aid Resources

Can I get legal aid?
Means Test: Special circumstances guidelines
Need legal help?
Need legal help? (Indigenous Queenslanders)
Someone has applied for a domestic violence protection order against me. What are my legal options?
How do I get a domestic violence protection order?
Need help to sort out a family law problem?
How will an independent children’s lawyer help my child?
How will a separate representative help my child in their child protection matter?
Is a family report being prepared for your family law matter?
Having trouble dividing your property after a separation or divorce?
Do you have questions about a social assessment report?
Organising child support and care arrangements for your children
Child support, Family Tax Benefit and your child care levels
Having a grandchild in your care
Child protection and the Childrens Court
Having your say in the Childrens Court for young people in care
What to expect when you go to the Childrens Court
What are your rights while in care?

Womens Legal Services Resources

Understanding Domestic Violence
Deciding to separate
Your Safety
Making a safty Plan
Digital Safety
Legal Tool Kit


Queensland Police
Australian Federal Police Family Law Policing

Domestic Violence Support Services

DVConnect – provides a 24-hour advice phone line for women and children affected by domestic and family violence across Queensland. Call 1800 811 811 (free call).
1800RESPECT – provides a national sexual assualt and domestic violence counselling service. Call 1800 737 732 (free call).

Sexual Assault Support Services

Sexual Assault
Gold Coast Centre Against Sexual Violenc

Domestic Violence Resources

Australian Women Against Violence Alliance
Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research
Court Forms and Information for Domestic and Family Violence

Child Protection

To report or find our more about child protection, call the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services on 1800 811 810 (free call).

The South West Brisbane Community Legal Centre also has specialist publications on child protection.

For counselling for children exposed to domestic violence, call Centacare at (07) 3252 4371.

Legal Aid

Call Legal Aid Queensland at 1300 651 188 (anywhere in Queensland for legal information and referral) or 1300 650 143 (for legal information and referral for indigenous people).

Lawyers and Community Legal Centres

Caxton Legal Centre
Family Law Practitioners’ Association of Queensland
National Association of Community Legal Centres
Queensland Association of Independent Legal Services (QAILS)
Queensland Law Society
Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House (QPILCH)
Women’s Legal Services Australia

Family Law and Mediation

Family Relationships Centres Queensland
Dispute Resolution Centres
Family Relationships Advice Line
Relationships Australia


Tenants Queensland
Department of Housing and Public Works Queensland
Residential Tenancies Authority
Homelessness Australia
Brisbane Homelessness Service Centre


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