Rachel Kayrooz

Rachel Kayrooz

Her story will shock you. But her bravery, courage, resilience and fight to live will motivate and empower you!

Early in her career, Rachel worked in the ‘top end’ of town for stockbrokers, property developers, recruiters, insurers and legal firms. Yet she held a dark secret under the makeup and turtleneck sweaters…

A brave survivor of horrific domestic violence & homelessness, this former actor and classically-trained singer began speaking of her life experience for Amnesty International in 2006. Later that year, her self-funded training consultancy, Shout! Speak Out was born.

Following a meeting with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2007, this inspiring single mum became the youngest member appointed to the National Council for Reducing Violence against Women and their Children; their task being to write the National Plan of Action for Australia. In 2009 she was appointed National Campaign Co-ordinator for Amnesty International Australia’s Stop Violence against Women Campaign.

The recipient of several awards, including the 2015 Griffith Australia Day Award, 2009 QLD Child Protection Education Award, 2008 Pride of Australia Courage Award and the Lord Mayor’s 2007 Australia Day Achievement Award, Rachel is a highly regarded educator and keynote speaker.

Her topics and programs include:-

  • Respectful Relationships – received the 2009 QLD Child Protection Education Award
  • Resilience vs Resistance: Personal and Professional Growth
  • Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence
  • Challenging Trauma & Disabilities (including PTSD)

Rachel’s expertise, hard work and story has been noted in several Government Hansards and media (online, magazines, newspapers, TV and radio), in Australia, the USA, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Her powerful message has reached police, lawyers, magistrates, psychologists, doctors, social workers, nurses, teachers, AFL QLD, business and community groups, MP’s, Senators and high school and university students, to name a few!

In 2014, Rachel and her daughter Faith founded the annual White Warrior Challenge against Domestic Violence, raising funds for local services.

When Rachel isn’t whipping up her raw and organic foods, undergoing physical therapy or kickboxing, this ‘Ninja Mum’ is completing her autobiography, Fortitude and Faith. Though living with dv-related disabilities, Rachel’s passion is to motivate audiences to challenge their perceptions, break down barriers and take charge of their future. Once you have heard her story, you will approach life with a new vision!

Rachel is articulate and engaging; her humour is direct and her honesty emotive. Most importantly, her message saves lives.


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