Terri Butler MP supports Project Safe Space

Member for Griffith Terri Butler spoke with Project Safe Space about the importance of bringing domestic and family violence into the national spotlight.
Referencing a speech she made to parliament in March, Ms Butler spoke about the impact that the culture of silence and shame has had in tackling domestic violence.
“What I’ve really learned as a parliamentarian and something I didn’t really understand before was just the importance of having people talking about the things that matter”, Ms Butler said.
“If people are articulating the problem that needs to be faced, then people will start to face the problem”.
Ms Butler also spoke about the important work that Project Safe Space will be doing in regards to training journalism students to approach the issue of domestic violence in an ethical and considered way in their reporting.
“If we have journalists who firstly want to report about domestic and family violence and secondly know how to do it in an ethical and sensitive manner they can be part of the solution”.